Website Maker Demo Site


Welcome to the "Website Maker" Demo website.

Click here for our flash movie showing how easy it is to do simple page edits in the Website Maker system. In this demonstration you will see how easy it is to login and ad or remove text from a page.

AVC Hosting has placed this site online to show a working example of our "Website Maker" content management system (CMS).

This system is Easy to learn and easy to use. You do not need to learn html or buy any program such as Microsoft Front page etc. To update any web site page you just log in to a form and type or paste your changes and click save. To build a new page you just type the page name then type in what you want on the page then click save. Yes it is just that EASY!

To try out the features of the AVC "Website Maker" System click on the menu choices at the right.

If you are interested in the cost
Click Here to see our web hosting site for prices, terms etc.

Below we explain each section of our menu

Templates Demos

           GT1 Template                    Landzilla Template

Here you will see examples of the pre made website Templates available with the AVC Website Maker site management system. With a few clicks you can change the entire look and feel of your website. Try the demos available here for an eye opening example of how great this template system works.

Header Templates

Here you will find examples of the pre made business header graphics we have available for use with our Website templates. Each Header Graphic can be customized layer by layer to suit your business or we can build a custom header from photos you provide.

Layer by layer means each item in the header photo can be moved or deleted to make the header graphic suite your style. These header graphics are built in adobe photo shop so every item in the photo is a different layer and can be moved changed or deleted from the photo as you desire.

Production of the header photo for your site is included at no extra cost when you sign up with AVC Hosting.

Demo sections

Main admin section Edit page interface

This section contains our admin demo, demo test page and photo album demo pages. Here we explain how to login to the Web site Administration system that runs this website.

Once logged in you can see how easy it is to manage your website with the Website Maker content management system (CMS). Please email us at webmaster(@) or call 509-663-1124 for questions, help or sales information concerning this website.

Graphics Program

Smart Saver Pro

This section will show you a great graphics program we recommend for re-sizing and compressing your photos before posting them to your website. There is a free downloadable demo version that is fully functional that you can try. We will resize and compress all of your photos for free when we setup your website.

You will only need this kind of program if you wish to ad lots of photos to your site as time goes by. We can teach you or your employees to operate this program and we will provide ongoing tech support free.